The Prompt

Start with a life-changing moment and lead your characters through the story to show us who they become.

Story Notes/Description

I fell fortunate to have completed anything today after an over-the-top Mother’s Day celebration. Started the story with well over 1500 words but whittled it down to 115 words.

The Final Push (In Honor of the Witch’s Fate)

The Lear 75 left Midway early morning flying four of us to a business meeting in Spokane when over the Badlands something heavy hit us knocking out the Garmin avionics and the landing gear. We did our best to plug the window that broke when we were hit but to no avail. Finally, we pushed Sam Silio, our blowhard, CEO next to the cracked window and he plugged it screaming that he was sorry that he didn’t give us a bonus this year.